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June 7th, 2019

Farm News

Starting dates for First CSA delivery will be June 13th and June 20th!!

 Important changes, please read

Hello Everybody! While we had our nose to the ground, planting, planting, planting, the hoop houses have exploded and are ready for harvest….surprise!! So we will be starting our deliveries this coming Thursday for most of you, and for some of you,  next Thursday, June 20th. Why two dates? Our “Every Other Week” boxes have become a popular choice for many who are just entering the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) experience. This is fantastic news for everyone, but it has made our harvesting schedule a little lopsided. So we decided to split the “Every Other Week” numbers up, leveling us out a bit. All EOW (Every Other Week) farm members will still receive 9 boxes regardless if they start June 13th or June 20th. If you chose a standard or Large share, you will begin this Thursday June 13th.


Farm members who have chosen an “Every Other Week” Box at the following sites will begin June 20th. We will call this group our EOW’s

  • Farm
  • Langlade Hospital
  • Green Hen (aka Natural Living)
  • Sweet Thyme
  • Bass Lake
  • Advanced Health, Rhinelander
  • Wellness Center, Merrill
  • Thrive, Wausau
  • Red Clover, Weston

All other sites will begin June 13th. We will call this group our MEOW’s :))…(Menominee Every Other week)


We will write on the top of every weekly newsletter if it is a EOW or a MEOW week to lesson any confusion….well that’s the plan:) Thinking positive.


No Delivery July 4th

There will be no box delivery July 4th to allow our fields to catch up. Enjoy your holiday. The missed week will be added on at the end of the season, finishing October 17th.We will send you a reminder.

NOTE: For the “Every Other Week” farm members, this means you will skip two weeks….no worries, we will send you a schedule:)


Pick-up and how it works

The first pick up is always  the most exciting…. for us too. Finally after a long winter of wilted or no greens at all because you can’t make yourself do it, the fresh greens start coming in. This is also the time when any mistakes on our part surface quickly…and any mistakes on your part, like taking the wrong size box, can cause great confusion at the end of the day and sometimes an extra trip to Rhinelander or Wausau for us. If you don’t remember which drop site you chose or  what size share you signed up for, please drop us an email before this week’s pick up date and we’ll gladly get you squared away. Remember: the Standard share is a white box and the Large share is the brown box and always check the dates on the chart at the drop site to make sure you are picking up on the right week if you are a Every Other Week person.


It is important you pick up your box the same day for 3 reasons: 1)shows respect and gratitude to your drop site host. 2)Your veggies will have optimum nutrition if picked up early, kept cool and used as soon as you can. 3) Your veggies will become property of your host after Friday evening unless arrangements have been made with your host. (Not us)


Following are the estimated drop-site pickup times:

  • The Green Hen (Natural Living) –   pick up between 1:00 pm and  6pm
  • Sweet Thyme Coffee Shop- pick up between 1:00 pm and 5pm
  • Center for Health and Performance (Antigo Hospital)-pick up between 1:00 pm-8pm or later if you are a member with a pass.
  • Bass Lake (the Don and Nancy Winter garage at W10760 Bass Lake Rd. Summit Lake area)-pick up between 1pm and 8:30pm
  • Advanced Health (Rhinelander- 401 S. Pelham St.) pick up between 1:30 pm and 5pm Please pick up before closing.
  • The Farm (W10835 Bluebell Rd. Deerbrook- behind the left of garage in walk-in tan cooler) pick up between 1:00pm. (no earlier please, still packing and loading:), and 8:30pm
  • Red Clover Market (Weston-Wausau) pick up between 1:30pm and 6:00pm
  • Thrive Foodery (downtown Wausau site) pick up between 2:00pm and   9:00pm…back entrance.
  • The Wellness Center (Merrill) pick up between 2:00and 6pm
  • Food Distribution Center (Keshena) pick up between 1:30-4:30 (Thursday) or 10am-4:30pm on Friday
  • Boys and Girls Club (Neopit) pick up between 1:30pm -6pm (Thursday) or

10am-6pm on Friday

When you pick up your box at your chosen drop site, you will notice a chart with your name on it (we hope), please remember to check your name off. This helps us figure out who forgot to pick theirs up. Standard shares or Every Other Week share will be in a white box and what most will get. The large shares will be in a brown box. Make sure you take  the size you signed up for, this will also be on the chart after your name, either marked with a S for standard or L for Large. The Every Other Week Share is the same size as the standard (white), you will just be alternating, will be marked E. You will notice the boxes we use for the vegetables are waxed; this is to keep the veggies from dehydrating. They are costly so please keep them clean, discard the newspaper, carefully (as to not rip them), collapse them down and return them to their pick up/drop off locations before or when you pick up the next time. As we drop off your next box, we will collect the previous week’s box. Any notes or comments can also be put into the returning boxes.


When you are going to be gone or on vacation please make arrangements to have a neighbor or friend pick up your vegetables so they don’t go to waste or you may contact us ahead and we will drop your box of vegetables at Avail or an Assisted Living facility with a note of your donation. If a friend is picking them up for you, be sure to tell them what color box to pick up for you.


Have a question, request or a recipe you’d like to share?  Email us and we will answer it or share it in the next newsletter. We LOVE getting recipes that already has the thumbs up approval of one of our CSA members. Rhubarb, romaine, radish, spinach etc. are in the first box…anyone? A great salad dressing? A rhubarb dessert? What about bok choy?


We will be emailing the newsletters weekly, this will save time, money and trees. We like to send these out Wednesday evening (sometimes late) before our Thursday delivery. This works well as a reminder and also lets you know what to expect in your box. We will still have a hard copy on every site so you will be able to read the newsletter if you wish before you leave the store/farm/lake. For those of you who do not have an email address, there will be extra copies for you at the pick- up sites with your name on. If you have an email address, please leave the newsletters at the pickup sites for those who don’t….big thanks.


We will keep you all posted with any new updates. Otherwise look for an email next Wednesday evening to see “what’s in the box”!


 Whoop whoop!! Let’s get this show on the road:)

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