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January 4th, 2020

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Mail in 2020 CSA registration is now available…online sign up available next week

Hello Everybody! Many of you probably thought we fell off the face of the Earth… and I guess we kind of did….we unplugged. We ignored salesmen, seed catalogues and all thoughts of  2020.  Our 2019 season was a tough one to finish up…thanks to the July storm.  Our  “Decompression” season was put on hold till late December. We ended up completely rebuilding and relocating all three Hoop Houses.  We both struggle with an uncontrollable “bulldozer” work mentality, so we plowed into it, got it done and quickly went to the next project,…butchering pigs…and the next, rendering lard…and the next…,”Oh wait, there is no room in the freezer for the pork and lard unless we remove the 140 pounds of grapes. Now we need to make wine!”…..A simple life can be very complicated!


The wine now sits in carboys dreaming of its debut around summertime campfires and we are nose deep in seed catalogues or knee deep in snow most days. Shoveling off the back deck the other day, I noticed a lounge chair set off to the side, under three feet of snow. It occurred to me that chair gets more use in the Winter than it does all Summer. New goal:  Periodically suppress our “bulldozerness” and sit in that lounge this summer:) Fulfill that chairs purpose in life:))


Feeling a change in the wind?

No matter where you live on this planet, you can’t ignore the whirlwind of change going on right now. Today’s news feeds are filled with pessimism, fear and instability. Pick a subject, whether it be politics, climate change or food supply, pessimism, fear and instability lie at the heart of it. History has a reputation of repeating itself. These human struggles are not new, but they are new to us in our lifetime. Many people before us have struggled and endured regarding many of these same issues. What I believe could be new, is how we act and re-act to adversity. Maybe when humans come up with different solutions for these same age-old problems, we’ll break out of this “repeat” cycle and get somewhere.  How can we do better? What can you do? What’s your gift?….


We became organic vegetable farmers. This is what we can do.  Seems small and insignificant but we are just a piece…we don’t have to be the whole puzzle:) We turned our mindset away from the dollar and towards what we believe is a higher purpose. A better choice, a solution to a problem. We grow pure food for your good health and we do it in an Earth friendly way. How it was meant to be. We pick it fresh, keep it local and deliver weekly through the 18 week growing season. We even send recipes along in the newsletter each week. We know this doesn’t address all the world’s problems but it’s what we can do. Join us! Be part of the change.

Make a healthy, tasty decision to be part of the solution. Hope you join us this 2020 growing season as we enter our 12th year striving for change.


Looking forward to being your farmers

Jerry and Maydene


Potatoes and Eggs

Monday -Friday pick up 9-5

This coming week only Jan 6-10th

We still have potatoes and eggs for sale for pick up here at the farm.  We will be closing our cooler down on Friday. The potato varieties are Gold Flesh and Reds. All packed in 10# bags. We will be open for drive thru pick up (don’t even have to get out of your car). Please call ahead 715-627-4418.


Organic, Eat- the- Peel!!

  1. 50# (5 bags) for $35
  2. 20#  (2 bags) for $15
  3. 10# (1bag) for $8

The more you buy the more you save


Farm Fresh Eggs

while supply last

$3. a dozen


Remember, you are what your food eats

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