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November 7th, 2019

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It’s Winter share time!! Pick up on farm next week

Finally! We are ready to push out those winter shares… or will be by next Thursday:)

If you remember in July a storm took out one of our hoop houses. With lack of time this summer to fix it, it has been propped up ever since….plants thrived beneath it all summer:).  But now with winter closing in, it was time for repair. As long as we were fixing one, we decided to redo all 3…and then as long as they all had to be dismantled to replace all the lumber, we thought we might as well move them to another field. We have a gift for making a lot of work for ourselves in our so called “off time”. They all need their new plastic on yet…just waiting for that perfect breeze-free day and a few extra helping hands. We are  title-holders of a  valuable, but humbling hindsight…certain things can NOT be done without help, no matter how stubborn you are. Mother Nature has had great fun with us in the past with wind and large sheets of uncontrollable plastic.    


Now we are back to focusing on vegetables and we think we came up with a pretty nice Winter Share package….one of our best.   


  Below are the 2019 Winter share details. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Winter shares, it is a onetime pick up from the farm with bulk quantities of veggies. The bulk of Winter Shares are varieties that store well. The number of winter shares are limited but plenty still available if you want to get in. The details below will help you chose what size and day of pick up you wish. Let us know by email or phone (715-627-4418) before next week Tuesday evening (Nov. 12th). Shares will be filled in the order they come in, until unavailable. The Winter shares are our most economical package and will be distributed next Thursday and Friday, November 14th and 15th.  Our odds and ends will be available on Saturday (11/16) 9am to 2 pm. We call this our Pick and Choose Day. This is nice for people with limited storing space or ones who may like to just pick and choose instead. This year we are looking at an ample amount of carrots, beets, and a mega amount of potatoes. Pie pumpkins, red cabbage, kale, peppers and other goodies like our raw honey, Maple syrup and McDougal’s Farm personal products like soap, lip balm and moisturizers will also be available. New this year: McDougal’s Farm Fresh Concord Grape jam! It’s not like the sticky sweet stuff you find in the stores. It has a deep intense grape flavor…kinda tart and sweet:) Our jam includes the grape skins….were all the goodness is kept:).  We will also have available decorated Christmas wreathes from Wreathes by Penny. All vegetable pickups will be located in our warm packing shed located on the South end of the pole barn. There will be signs and it will be well lit….we’ll make sure you find us:)

So if interested in our winter share ( you do not need to be a CSA member to purchase):

  • Email or call 715-627-4418 before Tuesday (11/12) evening
  • Let us know what size: small or large?
  • What day will you be picking up? (Thursday or Friday)…or make an appointment
  • Don’t worry about payment until you get here. We accept checks (payable to McDougal’s) or cash.
  • Bring boxes to haul away your hoard:)
  • Enjoy your winter abundance!



Hours Open for Winter Share pick up

Thursday (Nov.14th) 9am – 5pm*

Friday (Nov. 15th) 9am – 5pm*

*Please call ahead if these hours do not work for you so we can set up a time. Later evening pickups are available by appointment.

Don’t forget to bring some big boxes


Hours Open for Pick and Choose Day

(One day only)

Saturday (Nov. 16th) 9am to 2pm


You will notice our winter shares are quite bountiful this year. We are grateful and happy to extend this great opportunity to save on a healthy, winter store. All varieties have been selected for their good storing abilities and the carrots just keep getting sweeter.


 The large winter shares ($133.00) and the best value, will consist of approximately 124# of pure food. A $40 savings! Great for large families, restaurants and Christmas gifting:


  • 3-5# bags carrots
  • 1-10# bags of Eat the Peel Red Norland potatoes
  • 1-8# bag of Eat the Peel Red Lasota potatoes
  • 2- 10# bag of Eat the Peel Gold flesh Potatoes
  • 3 green cabbage
  • 1 red cabbage
  • 2 -15# (30#) bags of squash mixed (example of 15#;  2 Carnival, 1Hearts of Gold, 1 Sunshine,1Butternut,1 buttercup)
  • 2 pie pumpkins with pie recipe for Thanksgiving
  • 2.5# rutabaga/turnip mix (approx. 3-4)
  • 2-3# bag of beets
  • 2 bags of kale
  • 2-4# bag of storing onions
  • 1# sweet baby Hakurei turnips
  • 2 Napa cabbage (small)
  • 1 bag of sweet peppers



2019 Small (but still bountiful) Winter share($89), will consist of approximately 80# of pure food. A $27. savings!


  • 2-5# bag carrots
  • 1-8# bag of Eat the Peel Red Lasota potatoes
  • 1-10#  bag of Eat the Peel Red Norland potatoes
  • 1-10#  bag of Eat the Peel Golden flesh potatoes  
  • 2 green cabbage
  • 1 red cabbage
  • 1-15# bag of mixed squash (example of 15#=;  2 Carnival, 1 Hearts of Gold,1 Sunshine,1 Butternut, 1 buttercup)
  • 1pie pumpkins with pie recipe for Thanksgiving
  • 2.5# rutabaga/turnip mix(approx. 3-4)
  • 1-3# bag of beets
  • 1 bag of kale
  • 1-4# bag of storing onions
  • 1# sweet baby Hakurei turnips
  • 1 Napa cabbage (small)
  • 1 bag of sweet peppers


*See something in the winter shares you don’t like? No problem. We will have a Food Pantry box set up for donations.



Produce not included in shares, raw honey, and other farm products

At pick up time we will also have available until gone (list not complete):

“Eat the Peel “Potatoes-10# for $8. or 50# for $35

Beets-$1.50/lb. or  3# bag for $4

additional Squash-$1.25/lb

additional Carrots– 5# bags /$6.,

purple carrots-$1.25 /lb.

red cabbage– .75/lb

Green cabbage-.50/lb or $2./a head

Celery– $1.50/bundle


Pie pumpkins-$1.50 ea

Sweet peppers-$1.50/lb.

Kale– green- $2 a bag


*McDougal’s Farm Raw honey – limited (great Christmas gift)

*McDougal’s Farm Open pan fired Maple Syrup- $7 /bottle or 3/$20

*McDougal’s Farm handmade soaps- $4.50 a bar

*McDougal’s Farm lip balm-$3.25 each

*McDougal’s Farm skin moisturizer-$6

*McDougal’s Farm Healing balm Chapadula-$9.

*McDougal’s Farm Concord Grape Jam-$6

*All of these items are made with something off our farm. Our chap stick, skin moisturizer and healing salve all contain our freshly harvested bees wax in combination with high grade light oils and essential oils. Our handmade soaps may contain calendula blossoms or nettles. All our soap is made with our own rendered lard. Grapes from our grapevines.



Directions to the farm: (3 miles directly west of Neva corners.)  From Antigo-go North on Hwy 45 to Hwy B, turn West (left) stay on B (3/4 mile) until big curve- go straight onto Bluebell Rd. We are 1 -1/2 miles down Bluebell (W10835) on the South side (just past the bridge). Watch for sign and gate on the south side. If you are using a GPS omit the W and just enter10835 Bluebell Rd. Deerbrook Wi.

From Rhinelander-Take hwy 45 South to Hwy B. (the 3rd one). If you hit the four lanes going into Antigo you just past it. Take Cty Rd B to the West (right)for 3/4 a mile, then go straight onto Bluebell Rd. We are at W10835 Bluebell Rd. See above directions

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