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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I subscribe?
Pick up a brochure, read it through and then fill in the application on the backside or print off our sign up form from this website. Payment can be mailed to McDougal’s Farm, W10835 Bluebell Rd. Deerbrook Wi 54424.

2) How do I pick up my vegetables?
We have several drop site host and they all are run pretty similar. Pick up the correct size share, check your name off the list and leave your empty box from the previous week there for us to pick up. Do not collapse them or use them for other purposes. These are waxed food grade boxes and are rather expensive. Please help us keep cost down by returning them.

3) What if I’m on vacation?
Have 2 options 1) Have a friend pick it up, make sure they know the correct size share or box and remind them to mark your name off or 2) Let us know ahead of time and we will donate your box to AVAIL or an assisted living program.

4) What if I can’t get to the pickup-point in time?
Please contact your host or after 24 hours your share will automatically become theirs to do with as they please.

5) Is there a guarantee?
When you sign on, you are also accepting the possibility of crop loss as well as crop bounty. We will do everything we can for a successful growing season.

6) Will I get the same thing every week?
Big No! Just wait to see how the variety changes with the season. This is the best part of a CSA

7) What is the difference between a half share and a whole share?
About 30%. A ½ share is ½ bushel and a whole share is ¾ of a bushel.

8) When can we visit the farm?
Depends, are you coming to visit or to pull weeds? Tee hee- Just give us a call to see what we are up to first or you may end up visiting from your knee pads in the carrot patch….which isn’t such a bad thing.

9) How does the farm pick up site differ from the other sites?
Farm pick up members have the opportunity to select extra harvest leftovers besides what they receive in their box. On occasion Farm fresh eggs are also available to them.

10) Can I get additional vegetables for freezing or canning?
Absolutely, providing we have extra

11) What is a “ Workers Share” and a “Helping Hand Fund”?
A “workers share” is offered to a limited number of people that chose to work on the farm to pay for their share. A “helping Hand Fund” is a donation towards part of somebody else’s share that would not be able to afford fresh, organic vegetables without your support.

12) Do you have any suggestions for storing vegetables?
Read the following from Angelic Farm: Storing Your Vegetables.

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